Clint and Joe were just out and installed the new awning off of our master bedroom porch. They also did some minor repair to our main deck awning/roof that you installed in about 2006 (also replaced twice because of hail damage in 2010 and 2016).

These men are awesome. They were professional, considerate and really cooperative in meeting our needs. They are a tribute to the excellence for which ACOA is known.


Wix Howard

Dear Rick,

Please accept my heartfelt thank you for the complete professionalism that you and your staff displayed in designing and installing the awnings at the Iliff Square Shopping Center at the northwest corner of E. Iliff Ave and S. Peoria St. Our onsite manager told me that he would not have known your company had been there except to see the new awnings; all work areas were cleaned to perfection. These awnings really dress up the Shopping Center and give it a modern, contemporary look and feel. Furthermore, our tenants have been just as pleased as I am regarding our new awnings. These awnings were unaffected by the recent snowstorm as you had explained during our discussions. I’m extremely pleased to be a satisfied customer and to have done business with you and the Awning Company of America, Inc.

Sincerely yours,

Roger D. Rutz - Chairman of the Board & Treasurer, Iliff Square, Inc.

You are one of our very best vendors and you can tell anyone you want that I said it! Your work is phenomenal, you always deliver what you promise, your team of designers, engineers, and installers are professional and pleasant, and most important your finished products are as functional and beautiful as any I have ever seen or used.
Thank you so much!

~Greg DeRosa - General Manager, Cherry Hills Country Club

I have used AWNING COMPANY OF AMERICA for both commercial and residential projects dozens of times since 1976. They have continually delivered satisfactory results within a competitive pricing structure.

My projects have always required a high level of design proficiency as well as superior workmanship. Because they have always delivered these results I continue to use their services.

I am continually amazed at the variety and depth of their design skills applicable to their wide variety of products. I am sure this is attributable to a very long term tenure of the ownership and management team.

~Tom Manley - Apartment Rehab Services

For the past 18 years I have dealt with Awning Company of America on several restaurant projects in the metro Denver area, and I am pleased to tell you that they have always exceeded my expectations. They keep their promises, and deliver on time an exceptional high quality awning product. I recommend them to you without exception.

~Radek Cerny - Chef de Cuisine/Proprietor, L’Atelier

Thank you Derek. I will contact you when all the quotes are in. I called four companies and only three got back to me. One company scheduled an appointment with me for yesterday, but showed up on Tuesday when I was not here to explain what we wanted, so his quote will be incorrect. I have one more appointment for tomorrow. So, you don’t need to do anything to earn my business, so far the other companies are doing it for you. I will get back to you the first of the week.

Thank you for your promptness.

~Ginny D. - Contracted 04-30-12

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 17:58:34 -0700


I just wanted to let you know how fabulous the pergola is—so many people have commented—and I LOVE the




Thank you so much for getting Steve over here so promptly to re-hang my awning. The wind was horrible! First time that has happened in 49 years I have lived at Dexter.

Your new awnings you installed for me a dozen years ago still look good as new, and I do leave them up all year long.

If I need your help in the future please send Steve again. He is industrious, knows his business, and was most helpful. He is a credit to your fine company.

My very best wishes for your continued success,

~Frank H. Zoske, C.L.U.